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Implode (The Consummate Professional)

He loved the rain.
Particularly in SoHo.
It reminded him of Florence.
Of Ellie.
Of love without compromise.

He wanted to discuss admiration.
He wanted see his wife.

Through the mist, the tangerine light spilt onto Mercer. The windows were large, luminescent, and bordered by a soil rich lumber, harvested in Eastern Himalaya. The sable cusp of the luxuriant wood was christened with mandarin garnet. The orange crystal was married to the lucid slate by Venetian glassmakers, unpretentious in their skill. Contemporary lights shone from the chocolate rafters, their dimmed magnificence calming over the intimate interior. Maxwell stood outside the glass, aware of his person. The bespoke coat, the patterned shirt and Windsor collar, adorned by a blushing necktie repeated back to him in the reflection. As the rain continued to pelt the cobblestoned street, Maxwell remained unmoved, awash in the bask of apricot gems.

Claire stood in the midst of Madison, illuminated by a somber spotlight. She removed wine contents from a bamboo parcel and prepared to place the Dionysian liquids onto espresso shelves.

And then she saw Maxwell.
He moved toward the door, decidedly coming in from the rain.

He entered and she did not move.

“My love.”

And still, she was still.

“It’s all so magnificent.”

She gazed at him for a moment longer, before proceeding with her tasks.

Maxwell observed his hands. And then the imported floor.

“Ms. Olsson is preparing to courier invitations. She was uncertain whether the current list is finite.”

Claire set antiquated wine bottles atop russet shelves.

“I could have called your office. My apologies for your endeavor.”

Maxwell was perplexed by her disconnected response.

“Your love is my constant endeavor.”

She pretended not to hear.

“It’s a short walk from the office. I wanted to see you.”

He waited, while she tended to the office of a restaurateur.

“Claire Madison…”

“Where have you been, Maxwell?”

He thought momentarily.


She stared at him.

So he continued, “And spending time with Benjamin.”

She gazed for a moment longer.
She then nodded and returned to her work.

He knew that she was unhappy, though he did not understand.

“He’s better, Claire.”

She removed the empty carton from the table. Maxwell beseeched her.

“He’s getting better.”

Though she did not wish to hurt him, she did not wish to acquiesce.

“He’s got some new suits and…”

She appeared disinterested. He stumbled to regain his audience.

“He’s been going out on his own.”

No response.

“He may even manage a new fund.”

She stopped.

“I mean, it truly is too soon to speak on the subject intelligibly, however…”


He paused and beheld his wife.

“You can’t help him. He needs a professional.”

They both stood,
Facing each other,
Kindled by opalescent light.

Maxwell considered her words.

“I am a professional.”

Implode. Part XXIV – DK

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Close to you.

The arcade of shoppes upon a Venetian way.
Venice, Italy. In search of silks and culinary delight – DK

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Sea or sky.

The rail from Venice to Quarto d’Altino.
Venice, Italy. Closer to you- DK

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Buried amongst treasure.

A shoppe keeper and a morning’s moment.
Venice, Italy. On a leisurely morning stroll – DK

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Implode (Shades of Grey)

Her profile was magic.
Art, itself.
As though Donatello arose from slumber,
And cast her from bronze.
She sat stoically, facing Columbus Circle.
Her Givenchy accouterment,
Nearly touching the floor.
The silhouette was fitting
Of a coin from antiquity,
Though it was unequivocally Claire,
Lost in thought,
At the Mandarin Oriental.

“He’s intriguing.”

She turned to her friend.


Lucy smiled.


Claire did not relate.

“The guy staying with you.”

Her focus was elsewhere.

“Max’s friend!”

She remembered.


She consulted the rouge cosmopolitan.

“How long is he staying?”

She set the cocktail down and turned toward the night.

“If only I knew.”

Lucy perused a dessert menu, though it was casual reading.

“It’s such a nice gesture by Max.”

Claire gazed at her friend, confused.
Lucy continued, still feigning interest in the menu.

“Neil would never do such a thing.”

And then Claire considered her words.
It was noble of her husband.

“They’ve been friends since grade school.”


She set down the menu.

“Inseparable. All the way through high school. When Max went to Oxford, Benjamin sort of drifted.”

“How so?”

A server arrived to grant their whims, though Claire gave him leave to go.

“He sort of wandered from one school to the next. Finally, he finished a program at Wharton and went to work for his father.”

Lucy did not follow.

“His father?”

“Ben is Marston Grey’s son.”

Lucy’s porcelin jaw lay agape with the weight of its beauty.

“The financier?”

Implode. Part XXIII – DK

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Implode (Intoxication)

They sat atop A60, overlooking Midtown,
Lower Manhattan
And the street that made the world move.
Maxwell’s martini had lost its fervor and he sought another.

Benjamin presided over his strawberry mojito, trying to escape a distant past.

“What do you miss most?” Maxwell inquired.

Benjamin was still. His noir Tom Ford ensemble infused with his grief.

“Her mouth.”

The comment piqued Maxwell’s interest.

“How so?”

Benjamin gazed up at his friend. His eyes reflective, like the work of Angelo Barovier.

“She tastes like Spanish brandy.”

Maxwell took a moment, before nodding in comprehension.

Implode. Part XXII – DK

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Implode (Do Not Tremble, My Love)

Under normal circumstances, he would have been home by now.
His imported soles in the foyer.
His leather tote by the sofa

They were gallivanting on the town,
Contemplating the intricacies of love,
Over aperitifs and tapas.

It’s been several nights like this.
The postponed meals.
The notes of pardon.
The keys on the mantle at 3:17 am.

She had not seen her husband this way, in some while.
He seemed carefree.
Like the lapel on a Ralph Lauren coat.

And though Benjamin was slowly thawing into Mr. Grey,
She was concerned for her husband,
For the frigid shell of his aura did not melt so easily.

Her concerns only mounted with each moment whittled away.
And so, she did not make dinner tonight.
For she expected them to be out.
And besides, she had plans with Lucy.
Whose keen insights and sharp wit, she thoroughly respected.

She removed her Dior trench from the coat rack, took hold of her keys, and scanned the expanse of the loft, once more, as though she had forgotten something.

Though, she simply missed her husband.

“I hope he’s eating properly.”

Mrs. Horowitz stood by the door, a scarlet smile blazing across her face.

“Oh, Claire. Boys will be boys.”

Implode. Part XXI – DK

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How magnificent you are.

The clock bell and tower at the Palace of Westminster.
London, England. Still – DK

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May the sun also shine on you.

The sky deck at The Mondrian.
Los Angeles, California. Amongst friends – DK

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Implode (Monarchs & Nobles)

They had completed their excursion for suitable robes and now held court in Central Park, near 81st Street. Maxwell occupied a weathered bench, fanciful garment totes nearby, observing as Benjamin sought the affections of a butterfly. It was his first such expedition in some while.

In his newly acquired gabardine ensemble, Benjamin whisked about on the Great Lawn as the decorative moth evaded his grasp in playful maneuvers. Benjamin continued his pursuit of the Painted Lady, though his agility was no match for her aerial skill.

Claire’s restaurant would be opening soon. It was also his première, as Madison signified the company’s first foray into structural design at the commercial level. His thoughts wandered, and for a moment, he became lost in them.


He returned to the park.

“Do you think people can change?”

He considered his friend’s inquiry, who persisted in his chase.

“I think so. It may even be necessary.”

“Like this butterfly. Once a caterpillar.”

That was significant change.


Benjamin had worn himself down, pursuing the whimsical creature.
And Maxwell did not want to disappoint him further.

Though, to himself, he spoke the truth.

“I’m not certain.”

Implode. Part XX – DK

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