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Implode (Thunderstorms)

The pall of darkness that befell the Upper East Side was sudden, its embrace absolute, like Vesuvius over Pompeii. There was an explosion in the sky, the platinum charge illuminating the heavens with its electric brilliance. A convergence of obsidian clouds gathered below the stratosphere, like impending doom, over 64th and Madison. Their moisture laden curves pulsated, radiating the residuals of white heat.

The taxi splashed up alongside the curb, bringing itself to a halt in front of an austere brownstone. A bare, slender leg was the first to dispatch from the yellow coach. She allowed the licorice heel and its bleeding sole to make peace with the pavement, now saturated with Eros’ regret.

Benjamin idled behind, his black Gucci trench pelted by the drizzle.

“Benjamin, hurry! You’ll catch cold.”

Lucy bolted for the door.

Benjamin paused, his breathing turbulent, like the cumulus above. He turned toward the idling taxi, its congested vapors whispered into the afternoon gale. The darkness was furious now and Benjamin observed, as confounded pedestrians hailed the yellow coaches in a feverish, collective effort, to escape the post meridian downpour.


The rescuing vehicles took flight, erubescent trails in their wake, like scattered rubies through blurred vision.

He turned to Lucy, peering through the same pane of liquid globules, and smiled.

She returned his cheer with a beaming ivory smile of her own.

“Benjamin!” she shouted.

He continued to smile, still submerged in the rainstorm.

“You’re incredible!”

Implode. Part XLIV – DK

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Indeed. There is no place like home.

The bejeweled moccasins of the fair Australian, AF.
Los Angeles, California. Intoxicatingly cheerful. Sufficiently reclined – DK

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Because longing, can slay its desire.

Perseus with the Head of Medusa, by Benvenuto Cellini.
Florence, Italy. Victorious – DK

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Implode (The Fortitude of Love)

On the southern tip of the island, Maxwell and Claire Mulberry endured in their work. It was the first time, in some while, that they had shared a space alone. Claire gazed up from her Macbook Pro and observed her husband, through the subtleness of Gucci frames, and smiled. It was a nondescript indulgence, though it delighted her nonetheless, that her husband was seated across from her, in the same room.

“There was an engaging article on Mr. Chernov in Vanity Fair.”

Maxwell paused, to gaze up at his wife.

“Interesting fellow.” She continued.

“Terribly so.”

He continued in his work.

Claire smiled, though her heart was filled with melancholy.

“How long, Max?”

Maxwell stopped, to look up at his wife.

“I’m not certain, dear. Though I’ve started on some sketches for the gentleman’s residence on 68th and…”

“No, Max. I mean…”

She sighed.

“How long?”

It required several moments, though he eventually coalesced with her thoughts. He siphoned a considerable amount of air into his lungs, before exhaling deeply. The hints of Tahitian vanilla tickled his nose, yet before he could reply, Claire offered a multitude of theories for her inquisition.

“It’s just…”

She stumbled.

“The restaurant requires a significant effort. You’re well aware.”

He listened.

“The preparation, the travel involved, the particular nature of the endeavor…”

A sigh.

“I miss you. I miss us…”

There was difficulty in the words.

“You’ve done more, than anyone else would have thought to do. For a friend.”

He sat still, absorbing her efforts.

“You’re a good man.”

Another sigh. He beheld his wife.

“The situation, as it stands Maxwell, has tested my fortitude.”

The artisan fancier surveyed the expanse of the room, kindled by the two o’clock sun, submerged in the leather vis-à-vis of his making. He tightened his mouth, imbibed with the sincerity of his wife’s emotions.

After some while, he nodded in comprehension and spoke.

“Do you love me?”

The question puzzled her.

“Very much so.”

Maxwell consumed his wife in a glare that enflamed her.

“Love him also.”

Implode. Part XLIII – DK

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Through rose coloured glass,
Or ornate windows?
How do you view the world?

The canal, as viewed through a portal in the gallery home of Peggy Guggenheim.
Venice, Italy. Breathing – DK

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Implode (146 Central Park West)

The doorman alerted Mrs. Horowitz to his presence, despite insistence that he be allowed access to the residence without notification.


She parted with the elevator into a lobby of classical design. She wore a skirt of maroon and black, by Miuccia Prada. The blushing silk blouse and black stockings were courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier. However, the beaming white smile and flush red lips, were all her own.

She placed a small, rouge kiss, onto his cheek.


“What a pleasant surprise!”

The doorman, suited in an evergreen ensemble, smiled pleasantly. Still, he was vigilant.

“I hope I haven’t disturbed you.”

“Not at all! As a matter of fact, I was hoping I’d see you.”

The comment piqued Benjamin’s interest, as well as the doorman’s.

“You were?”


She paused.

“Renaldo, a taxi please.”

The doorman arose from his perch.

“Yes, Mrs. Horowitz.”

And proceeded for the door.

“You’re a doll.”

The doorman smiled, which ventured on a blush, though he maintained his professional demeanor. He exited onto Central Park West in pursuit of a coach, leaving the paradoxical pair to its amatory quagmire.

Lucy turned to Benjamin.

“There’s something that I have to show you!”

Implode. Part XLII – DK

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Implode (Saturdays)

The weekends were reserved for sailboats, midday martinis, and the quiet accoutrements of leisure. Under normal circumstances, they would not be working now. However, Madison would be unveiled next week, with an intimate gathering to precede the illustrious affair. It was a great deal to undertake and though personal assistants and public relations groups had been dispatched in the work, it was their own. So they lounged at home, laptops perched atop the armrests of sofas, dutifully pressed espresso beans encouraging them forward.


The architect looked up at his friend. Claire also looked up from her work.

“I was thinking maybe we could go to the park.”

Claire observed Benjamin, confused. She then peered at her husband, through the clarity of Gucci frames.

“The park?”

Though she was not addressed with a glance, he knew his wife’s glare. It was tangible.

“Ben, I would love to.”

He could also feel the mechanism of her breath.

“However, there is a great deal that needs to be done, prior to next week’s festivities.”

“Madison.” Benjamin proclaimed.

He turned.

“Congratulations, Claire.”

Claire, spectacles at the tip of her nose, allowed her gaze to thaw, and smiled.

“Thank you, Ben.”

Maxwell smiled as well.

“Let’s grab noodles this afternoon, in the East Village.” He said.

“Sure thing, Max.”

Claire smiled once more, before returning to her work. Her husband did the same.

Benjamin observed the couple, simultaneous in their affairs, before gazing through the large picturesque portal, which supplied magnificent views of Manhattan.

His attention veered westward.

Implode. Part XLI – DK

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The allure of home.

The calm of the Italian countryside.
Venice, Italy. En route to Rimini – DK

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Implode (Château Mulberry)

Today, she tried on a dress.
Extravagant by her standards.
Stunning, nonetheless.

It was a flowing collage of wispy amber and lucent Swarovski beads. The strapless garment absorbed her frame into an ebullient stitch prior to collapsing in adulation at her feet, into a pool of silk.

It was quintessential Givenchy.

She stood in the midst of the room, in accord with her reflection. They embraced each other in the currency of glances, one appraising the other. She turned to view her back and only then did her husband see what Michelangelo must have saw, prior to waving his hand in broad strokes across the Sistine Chapel.

“Have I told you how much I love you?”

Claire turned in start.


He smiled at the canary princess, to whom he professed his love with a gem of the same hue.

However, she seemed down trodden.

“I want to go home.” she said.

Maxwell set down his leather tote, while his stately wife consumed him in her glare.

“I miss Rome. I miss Wales. I miss the Côte d’Azur.”

Her heart began to race, while her breathing attempted to keep pace.

“I want to go home.”

Maxwell sighed.
New York City was home.
Her tears engaged her mascara in a permanency bid for the dress,
Like the ink on their passports.

How could he deny her?

Still, New York City was home.
Yet, they were citizens of the world,
And she longed for alternate scenery.

He stared at his wife, whose mouth had begun to tremble. He decided not to discuss the town that played host to both their dreams.

Though he did have a question.

“Which one?”

Implode. Part XL – DK

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Sometimes, there are no words.

The splendor of the sun god, aloft in his realm.
Milos, Greece. As absorbed by SH – DK

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