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Implode (The Worth of Complication)


It was not a question of desire.
Of unbridled volition.
Or parables of choice.


Instead, their extraordinary passions and the execution thereof, were the result of divination, long ago. The Mulberry affinity with art and the Chernov disposition with power were composed of purposeful inclination and proceedings in augury, by those who fashioned the nebulas. And now, as Desya parted company to realign with the waiting Russian contingent, patiently ensconced within the liquid elegance of the courtesy lounge, Viktor Aleksy Chernov would speak, in private, with the postmodern prince.


“Apologies,” the energy maven would begin. “English…”


He struggled with the words.


“No apology necessary.” Maxwell would say.


Viktor responded, in kind.


“I am in the habit of conducting business in Russian.”


Though there was a slight pause in his speech, Maxwell surmised, through intuit, that the energy patriarch had not completed his thought.


And so, he listened.


“Have you been?” Mr. Chernov would say, “Have you been to my Russia?”


Maxwell observed the oligarch.


“More than once, Mr. Chernov.”


“Please,” the Russian mogul would begin, “Call me Viktor.”


Maxwell nodded, respectfully.


“We have a complicated history,” Mr. Chernov began.


There was another pause and a sudden, rapacious desire for air, which the energy giant drew deep into his lungs.


“Very complicated.” he continued.


He lowered his head, ensconced within the nurturing embrace of the Mulberry Bjarg, the resplendent office chair compliment to the Mulberry Forseti, composed of titanium and flexible, accommodating alloys, which allowed the denizen to breathe. As he considered his own obscure history and the complexity of its path, he allowed his hand to travel the breadth of the gilded armrest, sculpted by the artisan, who was to implore the same tenets in the design of his New York abode.


As the rain continued to blur the panoramic views of SoHo, Maxwell observed the nuclear mogul, and attempted to assuage the ambiguity of the past.


“With respect, Viktor, complication is yet another tool for design. I believe it to be integral, particularly in fashioning greatness.”


Mr. Chernov beheld the visionary architect, spellbound.


“I understand you are a man of note. Of integrity. In Russia, this is more valuable than currency. Tell me, have you found this in your travels to my beloved land?”


Maxwell allowed his gaze to fall, upon the titanium base of the translucent conference table.


“The Ural Mountains have been kind to me.”


Implode. Part LX – DK

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Dance with me.

The festive sculptures of Medici Venus and Dancing Fawn, by Pietro Cipriani, as they stand at the Getty Center.
Los Angeles, California. Revelry – DK

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Implode (A Question of Quality)

The collar was a felicitous one and three-quarters of woven Egyptian broadcloth upon his neck. He stood at the conference table of translucent glass from the Mulberry Niflheim Collection, decidedly transfixed upon a scale model of the home he was to design within an opulent enclave, of the Upper East Side. The aqueous panoramas of SoHo played behind as he illustrated the architectural specifications, in detail, to the Russian industrial behemoth. Gesturing indicatively with his tempered, manicured hands, the Bvlgari cufflinks accommodated the light as he spoke.

“Beyond the primary entrance, I’ve imagined an unadulterated space, thus highlighting the grandeur of the main stairway. The interior will be sculpted in Cuban mahogany and massaged with tsavorite, just through the portico.”

Viktor Aleksy Chernov, the Byzantine founder of Chernov Energy, the global nuclear consulting engine, headquartered along the broad Nevsky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, observed the demonstration with careful note, whilst his assistant, Desya Pachkaev, translated in accord.

Mr. Chernov nodded, gaze affixed upon the model.

He then turned to Desya, speaking forcefully in his native tongue. The young man, educated in the United States and throughout Europe, acknowledged his mentor before addressing the Platonist architect.

“What is this, Cuban mahogany?” Desya began. “Is it of superior quality to other mahogany?”

Maxwell observed the young apprentice, bemused.

“This same wood exists in my home in Madeira.”

Desya rumpled his brow, uncertain. Maxwell graciously expounded.

“Off Portugal.”

Implode. Part LVIX – DK

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The poetry in lines.

A courtesy lounge, upon entering the impressionist wing of the Getty Center.
Los Angeles, California. By design – DK

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Implode (Of Ichorous & Men)

It was horological genius, crafted by hand at 61 Strand and 34 Royal Exchange, London. It was called Elizabeth, by the enduring skill that crafted the great clock, harbored at the Palace of Westminster, as well as a timepiece for the last emperor of Russia. And though his namesake towered steadfast in the midst of London, Benjamin could not persuade his person to arise from the comforts of the Mulberry Vor, a circular divan, composed of handcrafted Macassar ebony and amber citrine, appropriated from the depths of Rio Grande Do Sul.

The liquid globules continued to pelt the French glass. He briefly considered a halt of his breathing, within the silken pause of the goose down pillows. For the world beyond the deftly crafted windows did not mirror the comforts of the artisan’s guest quarters.

Instead, he turned to observe the rarified Dent clock once more.

9:54 am.

And now, a torrential assault accosted the solitude of the window pane. Benjamin sat forward, his gaze fallen out onto the saturated corridors of SoHo. It would drizzle this way in the rainforest. A continual emulsion, comparable to contrition in ichorous, beneath the nurturing shade of emerald canopies for days on end. He remained still, his gaze continued on the city, which was once his fiefdom.

Perhaps today, he would have it back.

Implode. Part LVIII – DK

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The sport of kings.

Nacho Figueras and his team, Black Watch, in vigorous pursuits above the Pacific Ocean.
Pacific Palisades, California. Classic – DK

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La Cena

Buon Appetito.

Israeli cous cous, blue catfish, and organic basil.
Los Angeles, California. Satitated – DK

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    With regard to <em>Implode</em>, certain details, locations, occurences, et al. may not resonate along your cerebral palate if read out of context. For this reason, it is recommended following the episodes in chronological order, as they appear, which requires a bit of time travel.

    The first experience occurs in January 2010 with <a href="">The Birth of Max Mulberry</a>.

    Thank you.

    For allowing me to be apart of you,
    If only for a moment.

    - DK