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Implode (A Giant’s Perspective)


He was gracious by nature, extending his Edwardian courtesy curbside, where two black Land Rovers, termed Discovery 4, idled in the downpour. The sport utility vehicles were accompanied by an onyx Maybach 62, patiently attended by a courtly chauffeur, anticipating the oligarch’s approach.


Viktor Aleksy Chernov arrived at the luxurious German sedan, invigorated by the initial business of the day. Though they wielded influence in different spheres, Mr. Chernov viewed the Platonist architect as his contemporary. As the breadth of his contingent entered the awaiting vehicles, Mr. Chernov turned toward his affable host.


“In myth, giants are perceived as monsters. However, giants are not…” the energy maven paused, before turning to Desya for assistance with the words. He inquired, in Russian, with the adept apprentice.


Desya, speaking in his native tongue, provided the nuclear patriarch with the specific phrasing for his thoughts.


Mr. Chernov, reassured in his contemplation, continued, “Unreasonable creatures.”


He paused, momentarily, attempting to translate his next thought for the postmodern prince, though it was Maxwell who interpreted the mogul’s unspoken words.


“They’re just unable to see eye-to-eye, with ordinary men.”


Viktor smiled. He observed the artful virtuoso once more, before entering the idling Maybach. The attentive chauffeur secured the door, before tending to his vehicular perch.
Maxwell observed, the wool fibers of his Tom Ford ensemble repelling the efforts of the rain, as the Russian convoy fled the aquatic corridors of SoHo.


Implode. Part LXII – DK

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The sun will shine again.

The spirited accord of The Grand Canal, as viewed from the Ponte di Rialto.
Venice, Italy. Anew.

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Implode (An Accurate Account)


There were serial ledgers, numbered accounts, and weighted bundles of paper currency, profuse in their abundance, entrusted to iron repositories, buried within the reinforced certainty of penthouse walls. Such undertakings were necessary, for there was a plan to escape. Yet, an equally chartered plan, should there arise a need to return.


He stood outside the towering glass structure at 590 Madison Avenue, the collar on his Gucci pea coat affected by the slight wind. He idled in the morning drizzle, a hot cup of Masala chai idling similarly within his grasp. As the transient legion of pedestrians traversed the liquefied pavement, Benjamin remained unmoved in the midst of the promenade, attempting a truce with his thoughts.


There were numbered accounts.
And paper currency.
He was certain of it.
His thoughts wandered.
There were documented ledgers.
Several by his recollection.
Meticulous in their keep.


Though two years of vagrancy, compounded by heartbreak, and a purposeful forsaking of Mnemosyne, impeded his cognition.


And he could not remember them all.


Implode. Part LXI – DK

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    With regard to <em>Implode</em>, certain details, locations, occurences, et al. may not resonate along your cerebral palate if read out of context. For this reason, it is recommended following the episodes in chronological order, as they appear, which requires a bit of time travel.

    The first experience occurs in January 2010 with <a href="">The Birth of Max Mulberry</a>.

    Thank you.

    For allowing me to be apart of you,
    If only for a moment.

    - DK