The On Y Va Collective, by Devon Knight

The On Y Va Collective is a lifestyle group, devoted to the inclination and sensibilities of the epicure. On Y Va was founded in 2010 by Devon Knight, based on the romantic complexity of his tale, Implode. The On Y Va Collective consists of three companies: On Y Va Creative, Max Mulberry, and the exclusive accoutrements of Thompson & Bleecker.

On Y Va Creative is the development, marketing, and production engine of the collective. It is the lifeblood of the group. It is the creative enclosure where characters and story are brought to life. Implode, a romantic tale about an architect who attempts to console a friend who has lost his way, is the company’s first feature endeavor.

Max Mulberry is a literary compendium, catering to the bon vivant. Max Mulberry is also the central figure in Devon Knight’s, Implode. As its namesake suggests, Max Mulberry is concerned with the details of a thing. The components that allow a composition to be. The aperçu consists of distinct sections inspired by the arts, literature, cuisine, travel, architecture, and a 10 page pictorial, which are visual tales featuring global personas, professional models, and individuals of note, draped in attire from designers at the forefront of their craft. The pictorials convey tales through images, from stories developed by On Y Va Creative.


Thompson & Bleecker is an exclusive clothier of gentlemen’s polo and French cuffed shirts.

 Thompson & Bleecker utilizes select materials (silk, linen, Egyptian cotton) to create singular, limited edition creations. All pieces are embroidered with an emblematic item from Implode (a small tangerine, replete with green leaf, a scarlet tanager, a licorice shoe, etc.) symbolic of an occurrence within the story. Each shirt includes a miniscule portion of unrevealed character or story information inscribed onto the clothing care tag of the material.

The On Y Va Collective of companies, which include On Y Va Creative, Max Mulberry, and Thompson & Bleecker, is a generational movement concerned with composition, uncompromising pleasure, and longevity. On Y Va is about contributing to the now, because this moment is the only known tangible. On Y Va is zealous in its awareness of the moment and as such, creates products that will endure through all time. Because, as Max Mulberry so aptly noted:

“How else will they know we were here?”